This is a laptop full digital color ultrasound diagnosis system, integrand embedded XP platform performance of stable and affordable. It is a research and development of our technical team combined with market demand in the Digital Mantra 1003 type main based on the development and design new style, thin and light, good carrying, appearance is compact, the function is powerful, with types of probe can support more, image processing and measuring package software is rich, full blood flow image clarity, auxiliary functions such as adding PW envelope and three imaging modes and practical features such as real-time synchronization. It is widely used in the examination of abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, vascular, heart, small organs, andrology, musculoskeletal especially in the clinical examination of large medical institutions and primary medical system. Is a cost-effective color doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument. we have hospital and clinic project solution package, support you complete purchasing job.

Ultrasound Color Doppler Scanner with One Convex Probe

SKU: Digital Mantra 1003
  • Configuration:

    1)Full-Digital 2D gray scale imaging

    2)Full-Digital Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)

    3)Color Doppler blood flow imaging

    4)Directional color energy Doppler imaging

    5)Pulse Wave Doppler imaging (PW)

    6)Space compound imaging

    7)2D, color, Doppler mode automatic optimization adjustment technology

    8)Real-time triple synchronizing

    9)Support 6 kinds language

    10)Adaptive speckle suppression technology

    11)Hand free 3D imaging(Optional)

    12)Real-time 4D imaging(Optional)

    13)Intelligent picture - in - picture imaging mode (PIP)

    14)Monitor: 15 inch high resolution medical LCD monitor, adjustable angle

    15)Probe connectors: ≥2  active

    Multiple probe configuration ( Optional ) :

    1.1 Convex probe frequency: 2.0-5.0MHZ(multi-frequency, Harmonic frequency≥5 ), probe scanning angle 20°~85°, visible and adjustable.

    1.2 Linear probe frequency: 6.0-12.0MHZ(multi-frequency, harmonic frequency ≥4 ), probe scanning with trapezoidal imaging technology and 2D beam deflection technology

    1.3 Trans-vaginal probe frequency: 5.0-8.0MHZ(multi-frequency, harmonic frequency ≥2 ), probe scanning angle 20°~160°, visible and adjustable.

    1.4 Real time 3D (4D) volume probe frequency: 2.0-5.0MHz, 4 segments multi-frequency.

    1.5 Micri-convex probe frequency: 4.0-6.0MHz, 3 segments multi-frequency.

    Applications: abdominal, urology, OB&GYN,  paediatrics / neonatal, superficial / small organ, musculoskeletal, cardiology etc.

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