Technical specifications

Screen Type: High resolution display
Screen Size: 7 inches(1 7.7 cm) diagonally
Sweep Speed: 25mm/sec
Information: Heart Rate, Lead/Pads, Alarm
On/Off, Sp02, AED Functions and
Prompts, Alarm Selection and Limits, Delivered Energy


Waveform: Biphasic
Energy Display: Moni
tor display indicates both selected and delivered energy
Charge Prompt Type: Voice and visual prompts
Electrode Impedance Measurement Range: 0
250 0hms


AED Mode
AED Function: Auto analyze and charge
x3 with programmable auto energy
level selection, sc reen prompts, and voice prompts
Shockable Rhythms: Ventricular fibrillation
, Ventricular tachycardia , QRS
complex wave duration
Charge Control: Control on device front panel,
press key on paddle
Manual Mode
Energy Selection: Selectable at 2, 5, 7, 10, 2
0, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 300,
360 joules

Synchronized Mode: Synchronizes defibrillator pulse to patient's
R wave.
"SYNC" message displayed on monitor
ECG Monitoring
Patient Connection: 3
lead ECG cable, or 5 lead ECG cable, paddles
Lead Selection :
Displayed on monitor, paddles, l, lI, lIl, AVR, AVL, AVF,
ECG Size: 0.25, 0.5, 1 , 1 .5, 2, 4 cm/mV di
s play on monitor.
Heart Rate: 20
Heart Rate Alarm: On/Off displayed on monitor, user
Smart Alarms: Beeper
/V oice prompts indicate s hockable r hythm
Sp02 Module
Measurement Range: 30
100% , + 2% between 80% 90%, others + 5%
Alarm Range: User set high limit and low limit
Alarm Accuracy: + 10% within setting values
Alarm Time Accuracy: Less than 12 sec
Paper: 50mm thermal
ed: 12.5mm/sec, 25mm/sec, 50mm/sec. User selectable 6 second delay
Printing Method: High
resolution, thermal array print head
out Modes: Manual or automatic, user configurable
On/Off Control: Front panel and paddle
Automatic Function: 9
second record ing initiated by alarm activation or
defibrillator charge or defibrillator discharge
Type: Rechargeable, Ni
MH battery, 12V
Operating Time: For a new, fully charged battery 60 defibrillator
discharges at
maximum energy, or 3 hours minimum of con tinuous ECG monitoring.
Additional parameters will effect operating time with different functions.

Defibrillator Monitor



    Defibrillator Monitor

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