CT Scan Machine

Model: Premium 64 provides quality image and full range clinical applications with advance hardware platform and technique reconstruction algorithm. Focus on precision diagnosis for routine examination with consistent image quality to various patients.

Confidence for your clinical performance

Large Aperture: 76cm

High heat capacity: 5.3MHu

High power rate: 50kW

High Definition: 64 slice@360 ˚

Benefits from this Machine:

  1. Expand your clinical performance

  2. Maximum Your rate

  3. Optimize your Workflow

Gantry System

Gantry Aperture: 76cm

Gantry Tilt: +/-30˚ ( 1˚/second )

Scan FOV: 50cm

Rotation speed (@360˚ ) : 0.5sec , 0.6 sec, 0.7 sec, 0.8 sec , 1.0sec, 2.0 sec

Focus to detector Distance: 1015mm

ISO Center to Focal Spot Distance: 570mm

Laser Localizer:

3D localizer laser lamp

Axial position accuracy: ≤ 1 mm

Coronal and Sagittal position accuracy: ≤ 2 mm

Multifunction LCD touch screen


Patient Table

Table board width: 42cm

Table load capacity: 250kg

Max. Range of horizontal movement : 1950mm

Position accuracy: ±0.25mm

Horizontal movement speed: 5mm/s , - 150mm/s

Vertical Movement Range: 565mm

Min. table height: 425mm

Control mode: remote and operation panel

Remote control speed: 40mm/s

Operation control speed: 20mm/s and 150mm/s

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